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Roses and Climbers

Roses are famously at the heart of any English country garden. They can be grown in borders, containers, over arches, pergolas and for use as a groundcover. They are easy to grow and live for a long time if looked after.Beautiful flowers and fragrances and with roses for every occasion, they make a truly thoughtful gift. Our selection of roses is simply breathtaking and is beautifully set out in our garden centre’s new roses and climbers area.

We stock an extensive range of hybrid tea and floribunda roses, climbing and rambling roses and patio roses. We have a range of celebration and memorial roses for those moments in life we feel need marking- and what better way than with a beautiful rose.

David Austin’s English roses combine the beauty of old roses with the benefit of modern roses for repeat flowering throughout the season and we have a good range to choose from.




As well as David Austin, we also stock a beautiful range of Paul Chessum Roses; and the staff will be more than happy to recommend their personal favourites!


We also stock a wide variety of climbing plants, which can soften the look of fences, walls, pergolas and arches.  Climbing plants will reward you with scent and colour you can truly appreciate in the garden. Ask our team for any tips on how to grow your plants and to ask about the plant hardiness; it’s important you know which plants are ideal for the season, weather and other factors to really see your climbers and roses thrive.





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